Experience Design

Big ideas and products cannot be solved through a one-size-fits all approach. Successful products require a strategic blend of disciplines and perspectives to help translate ideas into compelling experiences. We believe good product design takes into consideration the realities and perspectives of your team, the world at large, and your customer. In a rapidly changing landscape of technology, product experience must also keep up with evolving platforms, devices, and infrastructures. Our team of experienced creatives, strategists, researchers, and technologists collaborate to produce world-class experiences, designs and prototypes for digital products and services.





We vision and translate ideas into compelling stories and products usages

We define product usage stories and use them to validate and refute interaction concepts, assess key features, and gain insights into user interactions. Common tools and methods for defining usages include storyboarding, illustration, video, audio, and motion graphics. The right approach is one that best conveys the story and product usage in a way your investors, colleagues and customers need to understand it.

We define and map product experiences from end-to-end

We create Task Flows and Information Architecture (IA) to help clients and product teams conceptualize the product experience as a whole, before moving into production. These methods allow us to visually represent end-to-end product interactions and illustrate intersections between interaction, information and technology through flow diagrams. Doing this step well provides insight, exposes risks, and identifies issues that greatly reduce friction and prevents re-work in the production stages.

We design interaction and aesthetic experiences for product interfaces

We bring together interactions and visuals to create user experiences that engage the senses and delight your audiences. Our UX designers create wireframes for the application and work in close collaboration with visual designers to combine form and function while designing responsibly with aesthetic, usability, and your brand top of mind. Our team has experience designing for nearly every platform, device, and industry including, web, mobile, software, robotics, TV, IoT, wearables, and automotive.

We build, test and refine product experiences with prototyping

Prototypes bring a concept to life, and are a way of producing visual or tangible artifacts for proof testing and refinement. We produce a wide range of prototypes from low fidelity paper and sketches to high fidelity experiences. Our interaction and visual designers can translate written scenarios and wireframes into vision videos, interactive demonstrations, and fully-rendered digital experiences. Regardless of the category of prototype, you will love seeing research findings and product usage ideas transform into beautiful experiences.