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Solutional takes a long-term approach to company building, and works in a variety of industries. Our team of experts provides the knowledge, experience, and support needed to launch meaningful products. Solutional works with you to to understand the opportunity your solutions offer, perfect your strategy, create and refine your technology, and take your product to market.
We have experience in big data systems, software development, cyber security, telecom and mobile, IC design and production, and user experience design and implementation for hardware and software solutions.

Strategic Services

Whether you have a new idea or you are working to refocus your products and solutions in a new market, we work with your team to identify industry needs, create a rock-solid strategy, capital formation, and the launch of the product into the market.

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Experience Design

Our UX designers and developers help you imagine and design the perfect user experience, and our developers turn those designs into real life solutions.

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Product Development

Our team includes full-stack software developers, IC and FPGA experts, QA and build wizards, as well as experienced product managers–all ready to work with your team to help you solve your industry’s hardest problems.

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